Papers on Delilah

Maarten Hijzelendoorn and Crit Cremers. 'An Object-Oriented and Fast Lexicon for Semantic Generation'. Paper presented at the 18th CLIN Meeting, Nijmegen, 2007. 15pp. (pdf, 138 Kb)

Crit Cremers. 'Modal Merge and Minimal Move for Dislocation and Verb Clustering'. Research in Language and Computation 2004. 15 pp. (pdf, 213 Kb).

Crit Cremers. '('n) Betekenis berekend'. Extended version of article with the same title published in Nederlandse Taalkunde 7, 2002-4. 37 pp. (pdf, 298 Kb).

Crit Cremers. Formalizing the Syntax. Unpublished manuscript, 1999. 46 pp. (pdf, 379 Kb).

Crit Cremers. 'A Note on Categorial Grammar, Disharmony and Permutation'. Proceedings EACL 1999. ACL. University Bergen (Norway), 1999. 2 pp. (pdf, 11 Kb).

Christiaan van de Woestijne. Master's Thesis in Computer Science. Universiteit Leiden. Dept. of Wiskunde & Informatica. 1999. 39 pp. pdf (1329 Kb) Postscript (741 Kb)

Crit Cremers and Maarten Hijzelendoorn. 'Filtering Left Dislocation Chains in Parsing Categorial Grammar.' Papers from the Seventh CLIN Meeting 1996. IPO, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven 1997. 16 pp. (pdf, 504 Kb).

Crit Cremers and Maarten Hijzelendoorn. 'Pruning Search Space for Parsing Free Coordination in Categorial Grammar'. Proceedings International Workshop on Parsing Technology 1997. MIT, 1997. 12 pp. (pdf, 53 Kb).

Crit Cremers. On parsing coordination categorially. PhD dissertation, Leiden University: Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics, 1993.
    Introduction. 5 pp (pdf, 95 Kb),
    Chapter 1. On the categorial characterization of natural languages. 50 pp. (pdf, 984 Kb),
    Chapter 2. A framework for parsing coordination. 59 pp. (pdf, 1551 Kb),
    Chapter 3. Towards an algorithm for coordination. 72 pp. (pdf, 2449 Kb),
    Appendix. A coordination algorithm. 12 pp. (pdf, 527 Kb),
    References. 10 pp. (pdf, 66 Kb).

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